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The only shareholder of JSC "MB Bank" is Bank Melli Iran, Tehran

Background and history of JSC "MB Bank"

Joint Stock Company “Mir Business Bank” (JSC «MB Bank») was registered in January 2002 and the banking license No. 3396 was issued by the Central Bank of the RF on April 15, 2002.

JSC «MB Bank» is the wholly-owned (100%) subsidiary of the Iranian Bank Melli (National Bank of Iran) with the HO in Tehran. JSC «MB Bank»'s authorized share capital is fully paid up from the equity.

Офис МБ Банка в Москве

Briefly about Bank Melli Iran

Bank Melli Iran (hereinafter – BMI) is the first national Iranian bank founded in 1927 by the order of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) and since then has remained one of the most influential Iranian banks. BMI had fulfilled functions of the Central Bank of Iran until 1960 when Bank Markazi was established. After that all responsibilities of the Central Bank were transferred to the new Central Bank.

Since 1933 BMI has grown into a large retail bank with local and international branches (18 international branches in 11 countries), and the first foreign branch was opened in Hamburg, Germany in 1965. Currently BMI is the largest commercial retail bank in Iran and Middle East with more than 3,600 branches and 46,000 employees. Bank Melli Iran (National Bank of Iran) is managed and owned by the government of Iran. And its paid authorized capital equals to IRR 99,065.00 bn (USD 3,700.00 m).

  • The only shareholder of JSC "MB Bank" is Bank Melli Iran, Tehran
  • According to the licenses issued JSC "MB Bank" has the right to carry out the following: