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The Islamic Republic of Iran achieved distinguished success by economic indicators

Tehran, 10 May, IRNA. Recent statistic data and estimates presented by international organizations demonstrate abrupt improvement of standing of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the national economy area, given diverse indices.

International organizations and institutions conduct research of economic situation in different countries on the basis of various indicators, including innovation technologies, living standards, trade risks, economic liberties, logistics efficiency, perception of corruption, etc., and thus within the period of 2013 and 2016 Iran improved by 11 out of 13 indicators.

In 2016 following apparent advancement of the country in terms of credit risks in trade sector, Iran was irrevocably excluded from the list of countries assigned with high risk level.

According to the obtained data, world index of innovation technologies points that in 2016 Iran experienced an increase by 35 levels vs. 2013.

Simplicity of conducting business activity, being one of the paramount factors of economic growth, also underwent improvement in Iran, the country level ascended from 152 in 2013 to 120 point in 2016, and this progress was achieved in the environment of supplementing the list with other 15 countries.

As reported by “Heritage Foundation” newspaper which annually publishes a new estimate of the economic freedom in the world, Iran secured 155 rank among 180 countries in 2017 vs. 171 rank registered in 2016, thus having elevated by 16 points.

It is commonly known that poverty index, being the indicator of economic status deterioration, is determined via summarizing poverty level and inflation rate observed in the country. This index is the inverted indicator, i.e. the lower this value is, in the more aggravated direction economic status evolves.

Regarding global entrepreneurship and development, rating of Iran equaled 99 in 2013. However, according to the latest data, in 2016 Iran was ranked 85th.

Living standards index is considered to be the principal social target in different countries, and pursuant to the reports life quality indicators comprise such constituents as population purchasing power, security, healthcare, consumer price, etc. Proceeding from the above mentioned, it was announced that Iran was ranked 52nd, having acquired 108.25 scores, vs. the previous 66th level.

“Transparency International” published the report on new categories of countries determined by the results of combatting corruption among 176 countries.

According to the rating, against the background of significant declining of transparency in Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Iran ascended by 2 points, thus having exhibited conspicuous improvement vs. the previous year, and managed to secure 131st place with 29 out of 100 scores among 176 countries.

International research evidences strong correlation between proprietary rights and economic indicators observed in a country, and thus the position of Iran by international proprietary right index reached 101st level in 2016, having become the best indicator within the surveyed period.

By index of international proprietary right, in 2016 the position of Iran equaled 4.2, thus being by 0.1 lower vs. the indicator recorded in 2013.

In conformity with the latest world report on happiness published by UN, Iran rose to 102nd level vs. the previous 110th position. Standing and rating of Iran in this area have been displaying sustainable improvement since 2013.

Electronic government index together with development models determine the level of eGovernment development among UN states. Despite improvement of rating of Iran in this area by approximately 3.13% in 2016 vs. the respective indicator in 2014, it is still lower the level existed in 2012.

According to the report on competitiveness index, annually published by World Economic Forum, the rating of Iran progressed in 2016 and, consequently, designated the highest efficiency for the last 3 years.

This report, comprising 13 credible international economic indicators, summarizes the indicators assigned to Iran which specify prosperity level and institutional changes from the international point of view within the period of 2013-2016. In accordance with the data, contained in the aforementioned report, rating of Iran improved by 11 indicators.

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